PLOHSS is now Open Library of Humanities

Open Library of Humanities

Dr. Martin Paul Eve and company has been moving with deliberate speed. As a follow-up to my recent post, “If the sciences can do it… PLOHSS: A PLOS-style model for the humanities and social sciences,” I want to report that this initiative has a new name and new online home. PLOHSS, tentatively the Public Library of Humanities and Social Sciences, is now the Open Library of Humanities.

The Open Library of Humanities is not affiliated with PLOS, the Public Library of Science, though it has derived inspiration and consulting assistance from that organization.

They have articulated a Mission Statement

The Open Library of Humanities aims to provide a platform for Open Access publishing that is:

* Reputable and respected through rigorous peer review
* Sustainable
* Digitally preserved and safely archived in perpetuity
* Non-profit
* Open in both monetary and permission terms
* Non-discriminatory (APCs are waiverable)
* Technically innovative in response to the needs of scholars and librarians
* A solution to the serials crisis

…and the organizational structure for OLH is shaping-up, with many of the committees populated with noted scholars and veterans from academic publishing. For example, members of the Academic Steering & Advocacy Committee include such persons as David Armitage (Professor of History, Harvard University), Michael Eisen (Associate Professor of Biology, UC Berkeley, and co-founder of PLOS), Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Director of Scholarly Communication of the Modern Language Association), Peter Suber (Director of Harvard Open Access Project, and well-known open access educator and advocate), and Sanford (Sandy) G. Thatcher (former long-time Director of Penn State University Press), among others.

You can follow developments of the Open Library of Humanities on Twitter, Facebook, or signup for their email newsletter on the site.

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  1. Gary F. Daught says:

    Checkout some informative press coverage/interviews about the Open Library of Humanities project:

    “Project Aims to Bring PLoS-Style Openness to the Humanities” by Jennifer Howard interviewing OLH co-founder Timothy McCormick over at The Chronicle of Higher Education (January 29, 2013).

    “Open Library of Humanities: a community-grounded approach to academic publishing” by OLH co-founder Dr. Martin Eve on the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Impact of Social Sciences blog (January 29, 2013).

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