Open Library of Humanities is recruiting discipline editors, including Theology & Religious Studies

Open Library of HumanitiesOpen Library of Humanities, a multidisciplinary open access “mega-journal” platform inspired by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) and their multidisciplinary science journal PLOS ONE, announced that it is now recruiting discipline editors across the Humanities, including Theology and Religious Studies.

If you have academic editorial expertise and would like to get involved in open access publishing, please get in touch. …

Please email a 1-2 page CV outlining your current academic position, editorial experience and research publications, as well as contact details to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

This is a wonderful opportunity for any scholar interested in open access and new models of scholarly publishing and communication. I am especially excited by the unambiguous invitation of OLH to represent Theology and Religious Studies on equal footing with other disciplines in this developing Humanities publishing venue. It strikes me as an unique opportunity for our discipline, both to disseminate research widely, and to become active partners in a larger multidisciplinary conversation.

This is very much in line with something Justin Meggitt said in my recent interview with him and Peter Webster regarding their decision as religious studies scholars to become involved with the Open Library of Humanities:

A multi-disciplinary humanities mega-journal will be good for the study of religion as the scrutiny of religion should be a multi-disciplinary endeavour. … If more of those involved in study of religion supported OLH they might well find their work valued by a far wider constituency than is currently the case and it would, I think, disrupt the prejudicial assumptions so many other academics have about what we do and ultimately, what it is worth.

I encourage you to get in touch with OLH today.

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