Omega Alpha | Open Access was begun in late 2011 as an advocacy site to inform scholars about open access research communication venues, particularly journals, in religion and theology. At the beginning of 2015, I reached out to Dr. Peter Webster, historian of contemporary British Christianity based in the UK, about the prospect of co-editing expanded coverage on the blog beyond journals to address the larger evolving open scholarship movement in religion and theology. A few posts got published. But high hopes and good intentions floundered against the realities of overbooked lives. Our activities pretty much ground to a halt by mid-year, and we didn’t post anything for most of 2016.

After all but stepping away from the project—complete with a farewell post in June 2015—I decided to return to Omega Alpha | Open Access almost exactly five years since first launching. I never lost interest in open access, though I confess my energies for writing had certainly languished. In October 2016, I took in a live webinar featuring Peter Suber speaking on the state of Open Access 15 years after the drafting of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). Following, I accepted an invitation to offer a few takeaways from the webinar for the American Theological Library Association’s Newsletter, and I guess it re-primed my energy for writing on open access.

I want to thank Peter for his contributions, and for “holding down the fort” while I was away. I’m going to tamp down my ambitions and return focus to stories that give evidence of a growing “open access culture”—or provoke the continuing need for the same—in religious studies and theology.

photo-on-12-14-16-at-4-25-pmGary Daught
 is founder of Omega Alpha | Open Access. Gary is an academic librarian by profession. He began this blog in November 2011. You can contact him at “oa.openaccess at gmail dot com” or on Twitter @oaopenaccess.

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